Four Seasons Turf Farm Sdn. Bhd. is a family run business founded by Mr. Lun Kon Hee in the year 1990. It began as a small farm with a land area of 4 acres in the outskirts of Bukit Lagong near Hospital Sungai Buloh. The business was taken over by Mr Lun Yan Tau, “Mr. Lun Kon Hee’s son”. in the year 2000. Four Seasons has grown to be one of the biggest turf grass distributor in the country with over 60 acres of land in Bukit Lagong and Sungai Bakau, Rawang under their care. Four Seasons supplies various types of turf grass nationwide and has sold more than 10 million square feet of grass sod.

In year 2000, Mr. Lun Yan Tau form a Landscape Construction Company called Four Seasons Landscape Sdn Bhd which is managed by a team of qualified personnel who have passion in design and implementation of soft and hard landscaping.

Four Seasons prides itself for delivering the highest standards of products and service to its customers. It has a dedicated team to answer customer queries and is always ready to help customers make the right purchase that fit their needs. Its website is also packed with information that could help customers make the right choice.

Board of directors

  • Y.M Tengku Shamsulbhari B. Y.A.M. Tengku Azman Shah Al-Haj S.M.K.JP
  • Lun Yan Tau
  • Lee Li Mei

At Four Seasons, our team are committed to excellence in every phase of our work, we promise to deliver:

  • Trained, trustworthy and courteous staff
  • Competitive service that is value for money
  • The highest standard of skill and workmanship
  • High quality landscape maintenance based on our knowledge as professional horticulturalists and arboriculturalists



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