I live in Kuantan, Pahang and would like to purchase the Japanese grass. I was told to order first if buying in bulk. Does Four Seasons provide long-distance delivery?
Yes, we provide long-distance delivery. You just have to contact us and supply us with enough information on your location and contact person.
Can grass be sowed from seed? Are there nurseries that sell them?
Grass can be sowed from the seeds but has not been practiced widely. In the nurseries, mature turf is used over seeds, and is used as the ‘mother’ for re-growth. Most nurseries sell Bermuda grass seeds.
Must grass be fertilized? Which fertilizer is best used? I have purchased a fertilizer for my flower plant, can it be used for my lawn grass too?
Yes, fertilizer is needed to ensure your grass grows healthy. Suitable fertilizer would be the organic 8:8:3 turf grow, which is best used once in every month. It is a granular fertilizer and can be applied using a spreader as much as about a handful to 4m² and watered into the grass. If the fertilizer is meant for flowers, then it is not suitable for your lawn grass.
I have a pet cat at home. Will my lawn be destroyed by cat feces (droppings)?
Yes, because the animal’s urine & feces will cause the grass to discolor creating brownish spots & appear unpretty. So, if you are planning to have pets, make sure you provide a place to dispose of the matters so it will not affect the beauty of your lawn.
I want to have grass installed for my lawn, but I do not know which grass is suitable. Can you assist me in getting beautiful grass for my lawn?
To find a suitable grass, you have to consider the climate factor & the suitability of different types of grasses to the climate. If your housing area is exposed to immense sunlight throughout the day, the suitable grass would be the Zoysia, while for a more shaded area, the Pearl grass would be best. To ensure the selection of beautiful grass, you should give attention to ensuring 1-inch-thick uniformity of the grass, uniformed greenery, ensure your grass is free from diseases, good soil quality and having many white roots for growth. If the grass you purchase have these qualities, then rest assured that you already have good quality, beautiful grass for your lawn.
I have just moved into a housing area around Kuala Lumpur, where the soil is mostly composed of clay & rocks. If I plan to grow grass, do I have to change the soil and how do I get the best suitable soil.
If there are lots of clay & rocks, then you should replace the soil because water will not penetrate. The removed soil will be replaced with 3 inches of Topsoil, and 1 inch of sand. Topsoil can be purchased at Four Seasons Turf Farm while sand is available in any hardware store.